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"I have been in business for 25 years, and have worked with various graphic artists throughout my career. Graphic artists are critical to the voice and image of your company and it is imperative that one finds someone who can clearly hear and visualize the project you want to convey and execute it in a timely manner. Patrick Siu is not only a talented and highly competent graphic artist, but is very professional, leaving no detail overlooked. He has his own sense of art and style (another talent) which he can contribute to your project or follow your guidelines without taking liberties. I feel value for dollars spent when working with Patrick Siu. I would recommend him to anyone needing a professional graphic artist for his or her business."
Stacey L. Singer, Epona Limited

“For Mycology Research Laboratories Ltd., CiPA Graphics is a partner rather than a service provider. By combining flexibility with a sense of urgency, we have an “in-house” graphics capacity while based in the United Kingdom.”
Bill Ahern, Mycology Research Laboratories Ltd.

“It is my pleasure to commend Mr. Patrick Siu for his excellent performance as a professional graphic artist. In his eight years of service with our organization, Mr. Siu has demonstrated a rare combination of discipline and creativity, persuasiveness and aesthetics. He is also very dependable and responsible, always delivering what he promises on time. As a person, Mr. Siu is listening, understanding and easy to work with.”
Cecilia Yau, Associate General Secretary, Chinese Christian Mission

'The United Savings Annual Report is marvelous. Everyone who has seen it raves about the design; you did a fabulous job. It was such a pleasure to work with someone as talented as you; someone who combines artistic vision with a nuts-and-bolts understanding of the printing/publishing process. Many thanks for all you put into the project, for keeping your cool when we were losing ours, and for holding my hand when I needed it.”
Nancy Coopersmith,Assistant Vice President Manager, Corporate Communication